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Our Community Give Back Impact for 2016

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on

2016 Community Give Back Impact Report 

As part of the DNA of Raven + Lily since day one, we have always donated back to our partner communities to fund opportunities that ultimately advance our mission to empower at-risk women and their families. We don't dictate how we should give back. Rather, we respect the long-term partnerships we hold with each artisan group, and we listen to how they would like us to contribute. This past year has been a wonderful year of donating to many important initiatives, and all of this is possible because of YOU, our wonderful customer.

In addition to providing fair trade wages, healthcare, and supportive environments for all our artisan partners, your purchases also helped contribute to the following:


--Sponsoring a very special staff retreat for all the artisans and their family members. The retreat provides a counselor as well as meaningful confidence building and team building opportunities for this partnership.

--Funding the development of a weaving house in Phnom Penh to provide more work and training opportunities for women in this city.

--Sponsoring the opportunity for 4 artisans to attend a pattern and sample making class, giving them more skills to allow them to be more independent.


-- Sponsoring the leadership to attend the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) annual conference so the women in this partnership could deepen their understanding and commitment to providing fair trade work for the refugees we help to employ.

-- Sponsoring a fabric-sourcing trip for the leadership to explore ways to find the most sustainable and eco friendly fabrics available within Pakistan. We believe in making sure we help each partnership learn how to source as ethically as possible. This is often a new concept for many of these women, and they become empowered as they learn ways to have a positive impact on more people and the planet in their communities when the base materials are sustainable/ethically produced.


-- Funding a childcare program for the little ones of the artisan women for 5 afternoons a week. This empowers the women to focus on their work and earn more income for their families while providing a safe and loving place for their young children.

-- Providing the sewing machinery requested by the women to improve their skills and expand their production and work opportunities.


- Provided funding for a Girl’s Empowerment Workshop that provided undergarments, snacks, and empowerment education to the girls in four primary schools around Nairobi.


--Purchasing 90 medium-sized cooking pot made of aluminum for each of the HIV+ women in the micro-enterprise training program at Entoto Mountain. This is the first Christmas gift most of these women have ever received. The stoves were given to the 30 women in the program now and the 60 women who have graduated in the past two years. As they consider that the women who graduate are still a part of the program, with access to business assistance, and support from the staff when needed.


-- Funding a very special luncheon, beauty makeover, and photo session for the women that live in Skid Row at the Downtown Women's Center as well as women in the Giving Keys (one of our sister organizations that has partnered with R+L). The women looked so beautiful, they had a professional photo of themselves taken to keep and use for job opportunities, and they attend a luncheon in their honor for all their hard work with Raven + Lily and the Giving Keys. We do this every year for one of our partnerships, so it was a joy to celebrate this year with the women in LA!


-- We provided hurricane relief support for our new partnership.


We also support a a number of local organizations that empower refugee women, formerly homeless women, and lower income women with college scholarships and opportunities for employment. These donations are made possible through events at our storefronts that support the local Austin community we love so much.

Want to see more? 

Keep shopping! We donate a portion of our sales, so every single time you make a purchase you are employing women and are giving back to their communities. Being a thoughtful shopper really does make a difference in the world. Thank you for being a part of this amazing global journey!  

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