Behind the Scenes: 2015 Spring Collection Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes: 2015 Spring Collection Photo Shoot

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson (Raven + Lily CEO/Founder) on 5th Sep 2014

I have a new favorite travel crew! Its this crazy group of amazing women who dared to venture with me to the island of Lamu off the East Coast of Kenya.


Lamu was the magical location of our Spring '15 Collection Photo Shoot. I studied here 20 years ago through my university, so I was thrilled to come back to this amazing island on what is known as the Swahili Coast.

The island was a main stopping point on the ancient trading routes, so it has a gorgeous blend of African, Arabic, and India culture and design. There are no cars on this tropical island...only donkeys! The alleyways, courtyards, and architecture are amazing, and we all felt like we were stepping back in time hundreds of years.

Our model Robyn was from South Africa, but she looked like she belonged to this Swahili Coast. The rest of the lovely crew was Melinda DiMauro (photographer), Tiffany Schwedland (MUAH), and Danielle Gano (founder of my PR company Elle Communications and a talented assistant stylist for our shoot). We had way too much fun on this adventure and vowed to do something together again soon!  

Can't show you too many details'll have to wait till early 2015. Just know that, everyone that's seen a sneak peek of our photos thinks its our best photo shoot and collection yet!