Catt Sadler and Kirsten Dickerson in Kenya

Catt Sadler and Kirsten Dickerson in Kenya

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson, CEO/Founder of R+L on 26th Aug 2014

Exploring Esiteti with Catt 

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Kenya was having the opportunity to share the mission of Raven + Lily with Catt Sadler. 

Catt is one of the beloved hosts on E News!, and she's also widely know for her amazing sense of style. (Check out her style blog "the catt walk" and see why she's so widely admired.) Though a fashion icon and well known for her work with E, in person Catt is a warm, down-to-earth and just so much fun!

Earlier this summer Catt was in Kenya with her lovely mom Linda Rendleman from "Women Like Us Foundation". Linda is committed to inspiring women to make a difference in the world, and she was leading a group of women from the US (including Catt) to visit some of the work her foundation sponsors that empowers women and children in Kenya. 

Their last stop was a very special visit with Raven + Lily to see our work with the Maasai of the Esiteti Community in Amboselli firsthand. We were honored to have them. 

The Maasai women will never forget Catt because they've never met a white person who could dance just like them.

Beside jumping and dancing together, we visited the school funded by our jewelry orders, sat in the desks funded by Raven + Lily's spring launch party, taught the Maasai children the Hokie Pokie, hung out in the mud+dung home of Nakia (a respected Maasai leader), and listened to the inspiring stories of how these women are changing the way girls are viewed and treated throughout that region...all because of the empowerment they are receiving through education and sustainable income from the jewelry. 

It was a truly inspiring experience to share together! To shop the Maasai collection, CLICK HERE. And check out the apparel page of our website to get the other styles you see Catt wearing during the trip.

If you want to read more about the trip from Catt's perspective, here's an amazing interview she did with The Chalkboard Magazine.