Company Spotlight: Penny Winter

Company Spotlight: Penny Winter

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson (Raven + Lily CEO/Founder) on 20th Nov 2014

Raven + Lily Holiday Collection

This year, Raven + Lily collaborated with talented designer Penny Winter for our first 2014 Holiday Collection! She's an amazing person, designer, and wife. Together, our journey in designing the Penny Winter Collection was truly an invaluable experience!

About 1. 5 years ago, I met the lovely Penny Winter during my stay at  Ngong House, one of my favorite boutique hotels in the world! Its a romantic African themed treehouse hotel owned by her husband. Penny's shop and studio is located on the hotel grounds. She a mix of bohemian, rocker chic...a style that I love! Penny and I shared a mutual passion for design and empowering artisans, so it was an instant friendship. 

We stayed in touch and as we started developing more artisan partnerships in Kenya, I reached back out to Penny about collaborating on a collection for Raven + Lily. She loved the idea and so did I!

Here are some fun facts about Penny Winter: 

Penny Winter

I love Penny's commitment to high quality and high design. Her one of a kind pieces are breathtaking and featured in couture stores and worn by famous people world wide. I love that we could work with the skilled artisans in her network to develop a collection of up cycled cow horn and brass jewelry. This past June I went back to Kenya to visit Penny, finalize designs, and meet the artisans. It was a true delight. 

I especially loved Winnie, a powerful Kenyan women who was one of the main leader's of the group that molded the horn pieces. She is very proud and talented of her work. So am I!

Kirsten + Winnie

To shop the Penny Winter Collection, Click here.