Our Newest Apparel Partnership from the Rain Forests of Guatemala

Our Newest Apparel Partnership from the Rain Forests of Guatemala

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson (Raven + Lily CEO/Founder) on 16th Feb 2015

At the launch of our new Spring '15 collection, I wanted to take some time to highlight one of our new partnerships that make this collection so very special to me: our collaboration with a talented group of weavers in the rain forest region of Guatemala. It's not surprising that many people have commented that their favorite pieces of our new collection are the designs that showcase the incredible talents of this indigenous group of weavers. 

Delicate, light, and airy strings of cotton are lovingly hand woven by wooden looms into gorgeous textiles. Every piece of fabric is a work of art representing an incredible amount of labor and talent. 

The weavers wear these fabrics as part of their traditional dress. However, their artisan craft is dying off because there isn't enough interest for the younger women to carry on the tradition as they tend to long for more western style "fast fashion," now available in their local markets. It is a joy and honor to help create a sustainable market for these weavers to help them carry on such an important tradition that is unique to their specific rain forest culture. I do hope the young people see its value and continue to learn the craft and pass it along to their children in the years to come. 

As I interviewed Amalia, one of the beautiful artisans that dwells amongst the cloud forests and Picaya plants, she spoke often of her desire to see her daughter receive a good education. "I hope to keep the tradition of back-strap loom weaving alive within the younger generations of girls in my community. I have great pleasure in making this special, intricate weaving work." The money earned from weaving is making that possible and she is so delighted. This sweet mother is training both her daughter and son in the art of hand-weaving so that they may understand and value how their traditional craft is helping to provide for their family in such a meaningful way. What joy! 

As you can imagine, each piece of apparel represents weeks of work so there is a limited quantity available. So the lucky few who purchase something from this exclusive collection will be wearing a story full of beauty in every way! 

To purchase the new Guatemala collection, shop here.

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