What's New Spring 2014

Posted by Raven + Lily on 21st Feb 2014

In Raven + Lily’s Spring 2014 Collection, there are many new pieces that are not only exquisite in appearance, but have a beautifully unique story behind them as well. Each item is creatively made by artisans in India, Kenya, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and the United States to empower women, and break poverty through employment opportunities. Highlighted in this blog are five pieces from our newest collection with their own unique stories (these five items happen to be some favorites of the Raven + Lily team, too).

1. The Anna Vintage Rose Silk Infinity Scarf is made by an artisan named Vilma, who lives near the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in India. Vilma uses vintage rose silk to create the scarf, and adds a pale, tie-dye print by using natural dye using seasonal plants and vegetables. The Anna Scarf is Ashley's (our Community Relations Coordinator) favorite from the new collection! 

2. The Telau Gold Braid Long Necklace is handmade by HIV+ women who live near Entoto Mountain in Ethiopia. Each piece of jewelry is created with recycled silver, copper, and brass beads created from melted down bullet casings. Our Ethiopica collection transforms what was once meant for harm into something beautiful! This necklace so happens to be Kate's favorite-- she's our Visual Media Director. 

3. The Salenyia Bangles are handmade by Maasai women of the Esiteti community in Kenya. Nakai, a Kenyan artisan in the women's beading group, has played a vital role in helping to prevent FGM (female genital mutation) among young girls, and empowering the first generation of girls to go to school. Kirsten, our founder, loves stacking these bangles! 

4. The Srey Short Tank Dress is eco-friendly apparel made with repurposed remnant jersey. Read more about our artisan Srey Keo here. The splashes of pattern from each pocket is hand-screened by women in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These women hope to break the cycle of poverty, and provide for their families through design. Maggie, our Customer Service Coordinator, loves all our new prints from the new line, including this dress! 

5. The Ashoka Organic Cotton Totes and Make-up Bags are detailed with screen-printed designs made in partnership with women at Freeset in India. Freeset aims to empower women who have been freed from sex trafficking. These are Courtney, our Lead Designer's favorites! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed the stories behind some of our favorite pieces from our Spring 2014 collection. What pieces are your favorite? We’d love to see how you’re wearing Raven + Lily apparel by posting pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and include #ravenandlilystyle. Now get out there and start shopping with purpose!