The Dani Statement Necklace From Kenya | Journey To The Spring Collection

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on 15th Jan 2016

Our upcoming Spring line features the Dani collection, made by women artisans in Kenya. Designed to make a statement, this modern white jewelry is bold and sleek. Each piece is made of upcycled materials that are hand carved, then carefully dipped with upcycled brass to add a subtle shine. 

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Our artisan partnership that creates the Dani collection, is a women-run coop in Nairobi. This group is self-led and meets regularly to discuss community-wide improvements. Through these jobs, our artisans are able to rise above the poverty that surrounds them and sustain their families. We are encouraged to see these women desire to help those within their community and love that they are driven to share the hope they now have. 

"I am thankful for my job. I love making jewelry, it is my passion. I want to work very hard so I can one day help people who are disabled in Kenya. It is very hard to find work when you are disabled, so it is my hope to help my friends and community who have disabilities." - Anne, Kenya, Luxe Collection Artisan

This partnership utilizes upcycled brass and repurposed bone and horn, a byproduct from domestic Ankole cows.