Desta Mender: Final Day in Ethiopia

17th Jun 2013

Founder Trip: A word from Kirsten


Our final full day in Ethiopia was spent with the women who craft our hand knit cotton scarves. These ladies are so strong and so beautiful. Our partnership is with the efforts of the Hamlin Fistula Hospital to help rehabilitate women who have suffered from child birth injuries that can't be corrected through surgery. These women go to Desta Mender (Village of Joy ) for rehabilitation. It truly feels like a glimpse of heaven on earth when you come to this hope-filled, gorgeous plot of land. It is truly a wonderful, sustainable model of how to empower women coming out of the most dire of circumstances.



We are specifically helping women like Ruth and Sine to rebuild their lives as they reintegrate into the surrounding community. They have started their own little business for knitting and tailoring. They now have a savings account because of our partnership and they are working towards owning their home. They are employing other women in community and expanding their business. As they served us coffee and popcorn, they told me and Sophia that they are so happy and so grateful for this second chance of life.



I am so happy for the chance to know them and share in their journey through this very special Raven + Lily partnership. Look for the launch of their hand knit infinity scarves this fall!