Hand Weaving: Day 3 in Ethiopia

14th Jun 2013

Founder Trip: A word from Kirsten


This trip has been extra special because I get to share every experience with my awesome husband, Mr. Brandon Dickerson. I love this image of him in action! Sophia and I are so glad he volunteered to join this trip to capture the beautiful images and video of our adventure visiting the Raven + Lily artisans. His photos are amazing, but you'll have to wait to see them. Till then, my iPhone pics will have to do!


Today we visited the lovely women who hand weave our exclusive scarf collection using locally sourced cotton. These women are little business ladies with incredible artisan skills. I'm such a huge fan of anything handwoven, so I almost freaked out at the opportunity to learn how to use a wood loom! It was so much fun and made me truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into each and every beautiful scarf.