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India Collection

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PAPER: Tucked beneath scalloped archways, behind the narrow streets of Northern India, printing presses stamp delicate images on handmade, recycled paper.  The cotton paper is created entirely from paper and cotton waste from the textile industry.  Newspapers, cotton rags, old army tents and denim jeans have a whole new purpose.  Marginalized women from this region gain employment and sustainability for themselves and their families by crafting stationery and journals from these materials.

WOOD: Hidden away in Northern India is a village sustained by the wood working industry. By joining with local craftsmen, women are able to combine the elegance of locally sourced leather with the tradition of hand-carved wood. Once repressed because of their gender and poverty, these women are now empowered to be able to care for their families and gain respect in their communities.

SOAP: Our herbal soaps are handcrafted high in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India using fresh spring water, rich spices, locally grown herbs and soothing essential oils. Made with love using organic and natural ingredients. The artisans who craft these soaps are a minority group that faces severe poverty and discrimination. By using their talents in soap making, they are able to earn an income to provide for their families.