From Our Founder // ​Celebrate International Women’s Day with Raven + Lily

From Our Founder // ​Celebrate International Women’s Day with Raven + Lily

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on 7th Mar 2017

Today we celebrate the incredible strength, diversity, and beauty of women worldwide! At Raven + Lily, we are connected with women from the the US, Latin America, the Caribbean, East Africa and Asia. Though there are many cultural, lifestyle, language and religion differences among us, we connect through a sense of sisterhood, purpose, and of course, laughter.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.50.58 AM.pngRaven + Lily Artisan Partners in India

Women worldwide fight hard for their families. Though often suppressed by poverty, war, and prejudice, women we work with have an inner strength and belief in themselves that enables them to press on and overcome whatever challenges they face. When given the opportunity for education, skills training, or meaningful work, women will embrace the possibilities and reinvest the learnings back into their families and community. We have witnessed the passion and tenacity firsthand when working with our artisans.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.52.19 AM.pngOur Founder, Kirsten, with our Artisan Partners in Cambodia.

On International Women’s Day, Raven + Lily is matching all sales with a donation to ten women in Ethiopia to offer them the opportunity to start their own businesses. These women are a part of the Women’s Empowerment Program (WEP), a program in Ethiopia dedicated to empowering women to be key change agents to end hunger and poverty. They face challenges including testing positive for HIV/AIDS, raising their children as a single parent, having few sources of community support, and limited skills and job training. Our donation will go towards providing these women with the training, business education and healthcare needed in order to start their businesses and fight the cycle of poverty.

We believe the world changes for the better when women are empowered with dignity and opportunity. Women are the reason Raven + Lily exists and will continue to grow and scale and have an impact on the world. Raven + Lily is women owned, women led, and women operated. We believe in the power and strength of women worldwide!

Together, we can make a difference. For more information, please visit here.

When women move forward, the world moves with them.

-Africa Proverb