Kenya Collection


BEADED JEWELRY: In the remote Esiteti region of Amboseli, Kenya, lives a tribe of Maasai artisans. The women of this tribe started a jewelry making business to fund the local primary school, and have become the main income generators of their tribe. Using traditional Maasai techniques and designs, they apply these skills that have been passed down for generations to our exclusive designs. Due to the efforts of this group of women, girls in the community are now being sent to school and they have eliminated FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) from their coming-of-age ceremony. We applaud these women for the changes they are making in their community and are so proud to partner with them!

BRASS JEWELRY: The SOKO artisans in Kenya are working hard to promote sustainable and ethical fashion. These women are hired and trained to create every piece of the collection by hand. This is work that brings hope and provides an avenue out of poverty and into empowerment. Though the Kibera Slum is the largest in Nairobi, in it you can find a workshop full of women who are creating beautiful handmade brass jewelry in partnership with Raven + Lily in order to create sustainable change within their communities. 

KNIT APPAREL: In the city of Nairobi there sits a workshop of joyful women who are hand knitting organic cotton into sweaters and accessories for Raven + Lily. The cotton is grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides from non-genetically modified plants. These women have fought against the cycle of poverty and lack of education in order to become experts in their craft.  Their persistence and hard work has allowed them to provide for their families, and to bring you beautiful products that are truly works of art.