Our Core Values

23rd Jan 2014

A message from Kirsten (founder/CEO)

As we enter the beginning of a new year and a new season of growth for Raven + Lily, I wanted to take time to share our 5 core values.  These values reflect the very heart of our socially minded company.  As we've begun to expand our team at the Raven + Lily headquarters in Austin, we've been talking a lot about our values.  I even had a game at one staff meeting with prizes for everyone that had our mission statement and values memorized.  (Of course everyone got the prize!)  I thought it was important for each team member to know our values by heart so they could feel comfortable communicating with others about Raven + Lily.  I also wanted these ladies to have a reference point for all the decisions they make within their role of influence in Raven + Lily.  If it doesn't align with our values, then its not the right fit for us. If you are reading this, then I hope these values resonate with you and even offer you some encouragement.