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Our Team

Kirsten Dickerson



(Founder, CEO)

Before starting Raven + Lily, Kirsten’s career was divided by her passions for social justice and fashion...

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Cameron Crake 


(Director of International Production)

After graduating from Texas A&M with degrees in Finance and Economics, Cameron moved to Kampala, Uganda to work with Sseko Designs, a like-minded social business. As the International Development Director for Sseko Designs, Cameron gained experience navigating the challenges that come with working in a developing country.

Living abroad and working first-hand with artisans solidified Cameron's belief that providing employment opportunities is the most powerful way to transform the lives of impoverished women. She is incredibly passionate about the idea of redeeming business- using it to transform lives and make the world a more beautiful place.







Jessica Sjolseth


(Director of Operations)

Jessica comes to us with over 20 years of experience, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Communications from St. Edwards University. After spending years in the financial and high tech industry doing project management and marketing, she most recently spent 10 years as the Director of Marketing and Operations at a household staffing company.

Jessica is passionate about supporting at-risk youth. After adopting two of her children from the foster care system, she ran a buy one, give one backpack company for three years in her spare time. She loves that her work at Raven + Lily utilizes her experience to help empower mothers to make a fair wage and provide an education for their children.







Wendy Ditmer 


(Director of Distribution + Logistics)

After spending over 20 years focused on manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain operations, Wendy used her passion for social justice to help Dell and many other large multinational electronics companies improve human rights in the global supply chain. Her work in electronics led to similar roles in apparel companies and now, with Raven + Lily. 

Working for a B-corp that empowers women to use their skills to emerge from poverty is a natural fit that combines Wendy’s operational background and social bent. After extensive travel, she has seen how business can positively influence the social fabric of a community. She is glad to be part of a company that feels the same way! Wendy holds a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Purdue University.






Leslie Russell 


(Lead Designer)

After graduating from the University of Texas, where she studied apparel design and received the "Best Collection Award" her Senior year, Leslie moved to New York to pursue a career in the fashion industry. While interning and freelancing at Zac Posen, she found her niche in draping and pattern drafting. From there, Leslie continued to develop her technical design and pattern skills for Suma Chander, an East-meets-West luxury designer. After 4 years in New York, Leslie felt a pull home to be near family and back under big Texas skies, and moreover, to find a way to continue to do what she loved, but with purpose. A big believer in fair trade and ethical, sustainable fashion, Leslie is dedicated to further developing her design skills at Raven + Lily, a company whose mission is so in tune with her own.







Jackie Gilles



(Senior Account Executive)

Jackie has always had a passion for growing and developing the identity of brands with a conscious. After graduating from The University of Texas with a degree in French and Advertising, she did marketing for KIND, Sweet Leaf Tea and Dominican Joe Coffee. Soon an opportunity presented itself to take over The Forge Showroom, a company that exclusively represented socially conscious apparel and accessory lines.

For 3 years she and her business partner grew the presence of Raven+Lily, 31 Bits, FEED Projects, Jedidiah and more in boutiques around the country. She is excited to continue to represent Raven+Lily and show retailers that they can have fashion-forward pieces in their stores that also alleviate poverty, empower women, and generally improve the lives of people in need all over the world!






Ashley Yarborough


Ashley Yarborough

(Account Executive + Community Events)

Before graduating from Texas Christian University, Ashley served as the 2010 Miss Texas in the Miss America Organization. Her year of service and public speaking led her to complete her final semester at TCU in Washington, D.C., working for Bob Schieffer at CBS "Face the Nation".

After graduating college, Ashley pursued a career in broadcast journalism, working as an anchor-reporter at a CBS affiliate in Texas. And now combining her background of journalism and public service, along with supporting her husband's charity in Haiti, "We Hear Your Voice", it seemed like a natural fit to join the Raven + Lily team as a brand ambassador and story-teller of the artisans behind the collection.







Lauren Daniel



(Marketing + Social Media Manager)

After college, Lauren began volunteering with teen girls here in the states and after a stint overseas, realized her love for relationship building and encouraging others to be their best selves. This led her to pursue a Master’s in Non-profit Christian Leadership at Asbury Theological Seminary. Before moving to Austin, Lauren spent a year as a Volunteer in Service to America with AmeriCorps. During that year, she worked for a nonprofit organization working to create sustainable solutions for the marginalized individuals living in poverty. With experience in public relations, social media, content creation, marketing, and graphic design, Lauren stretches her talents across several areas. 

She is passionate about ethical fashion and Raven + Lily's mission to empower women through design!







Dema Williams



(Assistant Store Manager, East Austin Store)

Dema always found happiness in helping people and working for the greater good. As an advocate for the empowerment of women and a lover of fashion, Raven + Lily quickly became a perfect fit. Beginning as a marketing and store management intern, Dema soon worked her way up to assistant store manager. Dema not only seeks to provide fair wages and opportunities for women around the world through her work, but also strives to lift up the women around her daily.

Dema loves the mission of Raven + Lily, and is thrilled to be a part of the team. If you're ever in East Austin stop by the store, she would love to meet you and tell you the story behind our products. 







Jessica Saathoff



(Design Assistant)

Jessica started at Raven + Lily in August of 2015 as a design intern. Soon after completing her degree in Apparel Design from the University of Texas she started working as a design assistant for our in-house designer, Leslie. Jessica works with Leslie to bring her timeless designs into reality.

This is the beginning of Jessica's career in design. She is learning so much about pattern making from her boss and mentor, Leslie. She is happy and grateful to be a part of an amazing company that is trying the better the world through fashion.