Asmir Hoops - Silver


A stylish spin on the classic hoop earring. A single hoop of silver beads is accented by 3 recycled metal beads at the center of the design. These earrings spice up the simple hoop earring by adding a little artistic intrigue. Our Ethiopian partnership pays at-risk women a fair wage for these earrings that you will want to wear every day.


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Where was it made?:
Entoto Mountain houses an HIV+ community that has traveled there to bathe in spring water in search of healing. Many women end up begging because they have no resources or support. Through this jewelry making program, we have seen that these women wi
Who made it?:
Meet Amselet & read her story
How was it made?:
The artisans meltdown bullet casings to create the beads that are used in our designs. They are transforming what was once used for harm into a thing of beauty that gives life
How does it benefit at-risk women?:
HIV+ women find hope and happiness in their work. The days of mourning have past and the days of inspiration and art have commenced as they use their skills to create stylish accessories for women around the world.
Brand: Ethiopia Collection | Categories: Earrings | Materials: Metal | Colors: Silver
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