Biratu Boho Charm Statement Necklace

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Five bohemian-inspired charms are layered to create this statement neckalce. The beads are made from melted down recycled bullet casings, coins, and other scrap metals.

Made with love in Ethiopia

Your purchase helps empower artisan women by providing fair trade jobs that protect women vulnerable to labor trafficking.


  • Care + Maintenance: product may antique over time, we recommend cleaning with baking soda
  • Color: Sillver
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Where was it made?:
The jewelry is made by women who live on the Entoto Mountain in Ethiopia.
Who made it?:
Meet Amselet & read her story
How was it made?:
The artisans meltdown bullet casings to create the beads for our designs, transforming what was once used for harm into beauty. All jewelry is lead tested for safety.
How does it benefit at-risk women?:
HIV+ women find hope through their work as they use their skills to create stylish accessories for women around the world.
Brand: Ethiopia Collection | Categories: Necklaces | Materials: Cotton Thread, Metal | Color: Jade
Biratu Boho Charm Statement Necklace