Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson (Raven + Lily CEO/Founder) on 16th Oct 2014

City Slick

City style is characterized by so many things, from being grunge to designer, but the commonality lies in originality, a fresh perspective. We're constantly inspired by the spontaneity that consumes the fashion industry and the contagious enthusiasm for innovation. Our Pakistan collection is filled with ethereal, hand-embroided pieces that creates a new spin in city style. Bohemian chic. 

We paired the Madina dress with the Almaz Earrings to create an effortless look. The Madina dress was hand embroidered by Afgahn refugees and designed to resemble the patterns in the middle east. The recurring motif descends down the baby doll dress to flatter, accentuating the natural waist line. We accessorized the smock with the Almaz Earrings, handmade in Ethiopia. Together, the combination creates an ethereal, easy feel that is best suited for a weekend outfit. To contrast the overall look, we paired the outfit with edgy pieces: the Yami Tote and wine colored boots from Fortress of Inca

What do you think, New York City?


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