Ethical Home Decor // Where to Shop

Ethical Home Decor // Where to Shop

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on 2nd Mar 2016

This season we are offering more home goods than ever before, which is so exciting! From curtains to table runners, we have decor that is not only beautiful but adds thoughtful conversation pieces to your home. 

One of the reasons that we initially expanded into home goods is that I discovered the challenge of finding ethically made decor for my own home. If I'm going to ask where and how my clothes are made, why would I stop there? I want to ask the same questions when it comes to my home. I try my best to buy only from suppliers that consider people and the planet in their production. Since I am often asked for ethical decor resources, I wanted to share my favorites!


Raven + Lily: I would be remiss if I didn't include our company. We have been very intentional in our process as we designed napkins, curtains, pillows, tea towels, wall decor, candles, and soaps. Each of these items has a very distinct and special story, which is what I believe brings a home to life. We aren't done yet, look for many more home items to come!

M.Montague: The owner of this company is my friend Maryam. She has incredible taste and I decorate my home and storefronts with many of her moroccan rugs and vintage finds. These are the kind you keep forever and she uses a portion of her proceeds to fund an outreach for the girls in her community. M.Montague products are thoughtfully curated from tribal communities around the world, including Morocco, Mali, Ethiopia and Southeast Asia. 

The Citizenry: Here you will find a handful of precious creations. I love that these items feel rare, each item is handcrafted, hand numbered, and available only in limited quantities.

Viva Terra: They offer a wide variety of eco-friendly options for the home. Specifically, I like their furniture and lighting options. Viva Terra is devoted to quality, contemporary, sustainable living. Our outdoor chairs at Green Acres are made from recycled plastic and reclaimed wood, and the bed in one of our yurts is made from reclaimed railway tracks... all purchased from this online store!

West Elm: I'm sure you've heard of this company, but you may not know that they have partnerships with artisans, and they offer items made of sustainable or reclaimed wood. I have several of these furniture pieces in the yurts from West Elm. Be sure to read the descriptions so that you can find textiles and furniture that are handmade and fair trade. This is definitely one of my go-to place for larger items that are thoughtfully produced.


Etsy is a great place to find USA crafted home goods and vintage home decor. We used Dendro and Triple 7 Home for the fixtures and furniture in our storefronts.

Craigslist is another great option for gently used or vintage home items, I have found everything from vintage trailers to antique movie seats through searches on the site. 

Shopping second hand, estate sales, and vintage resale stores is always a wonderful option. I really love to visit the antique stores in my community, I often find some of my favorite treasures on those adventures. My friend Jill (as seen on Fixer Upper) has a fabulous warehouse in Central Texas called Falcon and Owl. She has amazing vintage finds! I just purchased a huge vintage mirror from India for Raven + Lily's Domain storefront.

However you acquire pieces for your home, I cannot encourage you enough to be thoughtful and patient in the process. Decide if you are going to love this item 10 years down the road. If you think you might, then that's a good purchase. There are so many items my husband and I have collected in our 19 years of marriage. I cringe about the many cheap and fast purchases we made along the way because most of those items were discarded and given away. I've learned the hard way to slow down and buy what I really love. My style hasn't really changed that much, its only gotten more refined. Part of the fun is finding and falling in love with decor. When I invite people into my home now, l find so much joy in telling the stories of who made my decor, where it came from, or how I found them. Whether you live in a tiny apartment, vintage trailer or a mansion on a hill, what makes a home is the love we give, the memories we make, and the stories we tell.

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