Meet our newest Artisan partnership | Handloomed Apparel

Meet our newest Artisan partnership | Handloomed Apparel

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on 21st Mar 2016

We have four existing partnerships in Kenya and we are so happy to be adding a fifth this Spring! This partnership is a fair trade, carbon neutral eco-factory in Kenya that is producing our modern hand loomed cotton apparel. Located on 500,000 acres of a wildlife sanctuary, this partnership approaches their community in a holistic way, caring for and valuing both people and the planet. 

In addition to a safe and positive working environment, these women also have access to schooling for their children, nutritious meals, and health care. Outside of the factory, this partnership provides even more employment opportunities on the wildlife sanctuary including organic farming, soap making, bead work, and even children's toys made to help support disabled community members. 

A handful of team members and I had the privilege of visiting these amazing artisans and staying at the wildlife facility last Fall. We were so impressed by the passion of the artisans and the holistic approach of the program. We couldn't be happier to be joining forces with such a well rounded group! They are working to empower the community and preserve the planet, which aligns so perfectly with Raven + Lily's mission. 

The Lucy Striped suit is our first product with this group. Made with handwoven cotton, these striped styles include the silk lined Boyfriend Blazer, Pleated Shorts and Wide-Leg Pants. Each piece is hand sewn and are available in grey or indigo. We've been thrilled to see many stylists and celebrities gravitate towards this collection, including Melissa Benoist from the hit show “Supergirl” who wore the Indigo Lucy Blazer on her recent visit to the Ellen Show.

We look forward to introducing even more items by this wonderful partnership later this year!

Support these amazing artisans by shopping the 'Lucy' line:  click here