The Eco-Dyed Silk Maxi Dress from Malaysia | Journey to the Spring Collection

The Eco-Dyed Silk Maxi Dress from Malaysia | Journey to the Spring Collection

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on 12th Jan 2016

We are counting down to the launch of the 2016 Spring / Summer Collection, and want to bring you on a journey through some of our favorite pieces in the collection. Inspired by nature, this collection includes both bright and deep indigo blues, and earthy, muted neutral tones. The collection features handmade apparel, jewelry, accessories, and a newly expanded home decor line. All of which is created by skilled artisans across the globe. The varying textures and patterns speak to the nature of each artisans craft and offer the reminder that each piece carries a unique story.

The first stop on our journey starts in Malaysia as we introduce the Ana Silk Dress. It is made of hand-loomed silk, eco-dyed in a traditional style called Shabori. The dress drapes to the floor and features subtle detail pleating along with an offer center slit, and a tie to accent the waste.

This dress offers a unique pattern created by our artisans by tieing the silk fabric to create unique. This dress is created using a traditional Shabori technique passed down through generations. The silk is carefully dyed by artisans, the grey dress is made using the Magnosteen plant and the blue is created by a natural indigo powder. The fabric is tied dipped in the dyes creating the vibrant colors and unique patterns. 

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