Kendra Scott & Raven + Lily Capsule Collection

Kendra Scott & Raven + Lily Capsule Collection

Posted by Raven + Lily on 15th Aug 2014

Inspired by beauty, bright colors, and bold stories from the Maasai artisan group in Kenya, the Kendra Scott and Raven + Lily Capsule Collection was created for select Kendra Scott stores.

Kendra Scott has been a friend and mentor to Kirsten Dickerson, CEO/Founder of R+L, over the years. They have been through the process of brainstorming and creating new ways to create a jewelry line that thrives on inspirational pieces and beautiful designs. Kirsten spent time with the Kendra Scott design team collaborating on designs and styles using Kendra's key fall collection colors: turquoise, black, white, and yellow. The combination of these colors allows for the Capsule Collection to mix and match beautifully with Kendra's other key pieces. 

It is a perfect fit for R+L to partner up with the bright and bold designs of Kendra Scott's collections. The vibrant life each piece embodies matches perfectly with the vibrant life of each of our Maasai women artisans from the Esiteti village who create our Kenya Collection jewelry.

Our Maasai artisan group is from the Amboselli region of Kenya. The work that is given to them through making the Capsule Collection is meant to empower and encourage as it provides an outlet for them to bring home an income to help provide for their families. The empowerment these women have gets transferred down to their children as they now have the funds to be in school and live healthier lifestyles. This is the first generation in Kenya that sends their girls to school. Empowerment and education creates a sustainable movement in the community. Women are rising above the norm to change the way they are seen and heard by communities. 

Nakai is the perfect example of the change that is taking place in this community. She is a respected elder of the Esiteti/Embaringoi community. 

Since 2010 Nakai has been a vital part of the women’s beading group. She is often gathering women for meetings, speaking up about the needs of the group, and making sure that all voices are heard. For the past several years Nakai has played a vital role in helping to prevent FGM (female genital mutilation) amongst the young girls of her community by recognizing the responsibility she has as an elder in ending this practice. Nakai is grateful to be part of this group so that she can earn an income for her family and help support the Esiteti Primary School. She has seen the changes that have come to her village due to the dedication of her beading group and continues to work hard so that her community will thrive.

The Capsule Collection showcases the beauty each Maasai woman embodies. The artisans hand-beaded each piece of the collection. The jewelry is truly a piece of art. It is all created by women with love and purpose. Women helping women find their voice, their empowerment, and their change. 

Kendra Scott and Kirsten Dickerson at the launch party of the Capsule Collection at the South Congress Austin Kendra Scott Storefront. Kendra and Kirsten are wearing the Capsule Collection in this photo. Kendra is layering it with other pieces from her collection and Kirsten is layering it with a R+L statement necklace from Ethiopia.

The Capsule collection is available in select stores in Texas, including the South Congress location. 

Beautiful Kenyan photos by Melinda Dimauro