Raven + Lily is a Certified B Corporation!

Raven + Lily is a Certified B Corporation!

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson (Raven + Lily CEO/Founder) on 22nd Oct 2014

Raven + Lily is proud to announce our official certification as a B Corp! Becoming a Public Benefit Corporation (aka B Corp) begins with a stringent accountability and paperwork process and ends with a certification confirming our commitment to being an ethical company that benefits for our workers, community, and society at large. The essence of our mission is providing employment and educational opportunities to at-risk women through our design partnerships. We aim to cultivate relationships with our artisans and consumers to empower all women.

For an outside certification process, we wanted to find a one that provided high-quality standards in evaluating socially responsible businesses. Moreover, our company wanted a verification that aligned with our mission. B-Corp Corporation met that need in every way.

“B Corps might turn out to be like civil rights for blacks or voting rights for women – eccentric, unpopular ideas that took hold and changed the world.” –Esquire Magazine

The core mission of B-Corp is to find companies that are profitable while being accountable to the community, and to then help consumers identify socially responsible businesses. The nonprofit B Lab analyzes companies in a rigorous three-step process: performance evaluation, legal requirements, and verification. Unlike most certifications for ethical businesses, B-Corp ensures the entire company provides ethical and socially responsible practices. In our case, the evaluation ranged from how we interact with our artisans partners to how we recycle waste in our office.

In our evaluation, Raven + Lily met all the performance requirements listed to become a B Corporation. Founded on the idea of conscious consumerism and eco-friendly design, from the beginning we have identified ourselves as a “socially responsible business.” The B Corp Certification validates our ongoing efforts of our initial mission to empower women everywhere!

Today, B-Corp has a community of over 1000 businesses in different industries, including brands like  PatagoniaBen + Jerry’sSeventh Generation, and Etsy, as well as some of our local favorites:  TeyshaKammok, and Blue Avocado. We are honored to join the movement toward socially responsible businesses! 

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