R+L Highlight: New Pakistan Partnership

R+L Highlight: New Pakistan Partnership

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson (Raven + Lily CEO/Founder) on 6th Oct 2014

Our new Fall '14 Collection of hand-embroidered apparel features the talents of some amazing women in Pakistan. The response to these designs has been tremendous, and we are so thrilled to expand the Raven + Lily collection of ethical fashion through this very special new artisan partnership.

This artisan group is comprised of Afghan refugees living along the border of Pakistan. These talentend women have incredible hand-embroidery skills, but they have lacked the opportunity to work. Many of them are living in refugee camps and the local economy does not have enough demand to support their efforts. Our partnership with this artisan group is helping them sustain their business and employ hundreds of refugee women in several different camps.

Raven + Lily applies these traditional Afghan motifs to modern silhouettes to create our exclusive apparel collection. Each piece of apparel requires anywhere from 5-30 days of work! The most labor intensive designs are sold exclusively online and in our storefront in order to make the retail price attainable to our customers. You can be sure you are wearing a work of art if you purchase something from this stunning collection. In addition, you are part of providing dignity to women who have lived as refugees since the 80's. Their children are going to school and the women are improving their overall livelihood in tangible ways despite their circumstances.  

My personal favorites are seen below in the photos from our current look book. Aren't they stunning? I wear something from this collection several times a week because I love it so much. I'm not surprised these are some of our most popular designs this season. 

The Pakistani women are strong and talented, and we are honored to share their beautiful stories and designs with you. 


Shop the entire Pakistan Collection here.