The True Cost Movie // Discount to Download

The True Cost Movie // Discount to Download

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on 18th Jun 2015

About 2 years ago we stumbled across a Kickstarter Campaign for a film that really caught the attention of the Raven + Lily team. The fundraiser was for a film called The True Cost that would expose the negative sides of fashion while also showing the growing ethical fashion movement. We immediately jumped on board to help fund this effort.

A few months later I met Andrew the director at an event promoting ethical fashion at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. He still had a long road ahead of him to fund and finish the film, but we let him know we would be cheering him along from the sidelines!

Fast forward to last month, and we are so proud of the film that Andrew completed! He premiered it this spring at the Cannes Film Fest, and it was so well received!

The film is currently doing a worldwide tour, and Raven + Lily felt honored to co-host a screening right here in Austin at the fabulous Alamo Drafthouse. Director Andrew Morgan and producer Michael Ross attended a sold out screening, and Andrew and I had a wonderful conversation and Q+A after the documentary.

Having traveled around the world, I had seen first-hand the effects of fast fashion on people and the planet, but it's been a difficult experience to communicate. The film did such an incredible job of telling stories and providing visual illustrations that made it possible for the audience to truly understand what is happening as a result of our choices. The room was silent at the end of the movie because of the reality of the situation, and after the Q&A, person after person approached myself and Andrew, because they were so moved by the message, and wanted to make a positive change.

I hope everyone who follows the Raven + Lily story will watch this film. It's important. It's well done. It will convict you and inspire you. It will change the way you think about fashion forever and I want you to be part of making a change for good because YOU are the solution and have the power to make that change.

The True Cost is allowing us to extend a discount code for 50% off so you can watch this powerful film now using code RLTRUECOST for only $5. We are also excited to find that it will be coming soon on Netflix as well. I'd love to hear what you think of the film afterwards, so please post comments and share with your friends!

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Update: The True Cost is now available on Netflix.