Thoughtful Holiday Fashion

Thoughtful Holiday Fashion

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on 14th Dec 2015

I always look forward to holiday parties, both formal and casual. Holiday parties provoke a desire in many of us, including me, to dress up and embrace the colors and mood of the season.

When I wear ethically-made clothing, I feel beautiful inside and out knowing that my choice benefits women overseas. The distance separating us is less than we think. We often consider donating back at the end of the year. Let’s also consider ways to bring dignity to others by shopping for goods that honor the person that made them. I promise that you don’t have to compromise style to do this.


When I wear ethical fashion like the Raven + Lily designs, I feel like I’m wearing the strength and beauty of the woman who made it. This black silk dress is embroidered by an Afghan refugee who has been living in a border camp in Pakistan since the 80’s. She has beautiful embroidery skills and wants her children to have an education and opportunities to break out of the poverty cycle. This dress represents opportunity. I can’t think of something more beautiful to wear.

I have found that fashion can also be a great conversation starter. When I show up to a party and someone comments on an article of clothing or jewelry, it gives me the chance to share a little about the story behind it. It often leads to a deeper conversation and connection about making the world a better place through our everyday choices.


Whether we realize it or not, our fashion choices will make an impact in the world. Our choices represent what we value. Let’s be thoughtful in the way we dress this season by making sure we are having a positive impact on people and the planet as part of our celebration.

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