Introducing Our Luxe Capsule Collection

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on 23rd Nov 2016

I often hear friends and customers of Raven + Lily say that they love our apparel but aren't used to spending so much money on clothing. They are used to fast fashion prices so its hard to spend more. I get it. But what if it we slowed down and purchased less. We could spend a little more on things that were made with dignity of other women in mind. Clothing that honored the planet and the people that made it.

I think it requires a cultural shift in the West to spend a little more on a fewer, better quality pieces. When designing our Fall 2017 Collection, we kept this challenge in mind. We designed timeless modern classics that could be worn and loved for many years. We designed with the idea of curating capsules: mixing and matching a few items while creating multiple looks. And to help ease the transition from fast fashion to slow fashion, we decided to offer a deep discount of 35% for those who wanted to give an ethical capsule wardrobe a try.

Lovely Sanetra modeled some pieces from our Relaxed Luxe Capsule to show how 7 pieces can create multiple looks. While she is an XS in size, I'm a Medium / Large. We can both wear these capsules. I like that. I want women who purchase our clothing to look beautiful and feel beautiful.

Will you join me in wearing a beautiful story this holiday season? When you do, post photos of yourself wearing your capsule, tag Raven+ Lily and use the hashtag: #wearabeautifulstory. I look forward to see all your beauty!

P.S.  If you are in the market for jewelry and holiday clothing, stay tuned for more capsules launching later this month. We're just getting started!