Kerina Earrings / White Horn + Brass


These earrings are just one piece in our stunning Horn+Brass collection from this season and pair perfectly with any of the other matching necklaces or bangles. Our partners in Kenya have carefully crafted these earrings using upcycled brass and horn.

  • Measurements: 2.5" Drop
  • Care and Maintenance: As product naturally wears over time, we recommend Brasso Metal Polish.
  • Color/Material: Recycled brass, Upcycled Horn 


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Brand: Kenya Collection | Categories: Jewelry | Materials: Recycled Brass, Upcycled Cow Horn | Colors: Golden, Brass
How was it made?:
The Kenya Luxe Jewelry collection is crafted from upcycled cow horn and brass
How does it benefit at-risk women?:
Empowering skilled artisans in Kenya.
Kerina Earrings / White Horn + Brass