Uzma Art Journal / Desert Shrub

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This oversized notebook will provide room for you to create on an even larger canvas (blank pages) than before. Our Uzma paper journal is made from recycled cotton and was handmade by our partners living in India. On the cover of the journal is our exclusive Desert Shrub print in taupe, black and white. 

Made with love in India


This design was handcrafted using recycled and locally sourced materials. Your purchase helps empower artisan women in a community where women traditionally were not educated or employed. 


  • Dimensions: 7" x 10.5"
  • Care + Maintenance: None, product may wear over time
  • Color: Black + White + Taupe
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Where was it made?:
The gift collection is made by artisans at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern India.
How was it made?:
Women transform cotton and paper once discarded and seen as waste into something purposeful and beautiful. Military tents, denim jeans, newspapers, and cotton rags now find new purpose as the women create paper products from these recycled remnants.
How does it benefit at-risk women?:
The artisan women find new meaning through their work. They were once marginalized because of their gender and poverty and now find passion in their art and hope for their future.
Brand: India Collection | Categories: Paper Products | Materials: Recycled Cotton | Colors: Black, White
Uzma Art Journal / Desert Shrub