Cuff Links for Tony Hale

30th Sep 2013

A few months ago my friend Tony Hale (best known for his role as "Buster" on Arrested Development and "Gary " on Veep) asked me to make him some cufflinks to go with his tux for the 2013 Emmy Awards show.  How could I say no?


We had Tony pick out his favorite handmade bead from Ethiopia.  He picked the brass"bird" charm, but called it a "boomerang" we started calling it a "boomerang" too!  The charm was made from recycled bullet casings in a small village in remote Ethiopia.  Though this bead is normally used in some of our exclusive jewelry collections, it seemed like a perfect option for one-of-a-kind cuff links to pair with Tony's tux from Billy Reid.


We were all super pleased with the end result, but we were even more excited that Tony won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Show.  Congratulations, Tony; it was well deserved!  We are proud of you and so grateful for your continued support of Raven + Lily!