Flat Top Straw Hat


The classic straw hat, made more feminine and flattering with 100% Toquilla Straw. Featuring a wide brim, this summer staple was designed to fit comfortably and feel breezy. Air passes easily through the straw construction, keeping your head cool and protected from the sun through the day. Made by our artisan partners in Ecuador. 

S: 21 1/4"  -  22"
M: 22 1/4"  -  22 7/8"
L: 23"  -  23 7/8"




These hats are made in Ecuador in partnership with Equal Uprise. Each straw hat is hand-woven with toquilla straw that is harvested in Ecuador.  The toquilla plant is cut down and the leaves are dried out which creates the straw that makes up each hat.  The straw is bleached to get it to its natural color before it is hand-woven into the shape of a hood. The weaving process is intricate and time-consuming.  Our straw hats are grades 3-4. Straw hats are graded on a scale that determines how fine the weave of the hat is, the higher the number the smaller the weave and the longer it takes to make. Once the hood is completed, the straw hat is shaped by our artisan partners.  


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Flat Top Straw Hat