Jewelry Making: Day 2 in Ethiopia

30th Sep 2013

Founder Trip: A word from Kirsten


Oh happy day when I get to spend some time with the amazing women in our Ethiopia jewelry partnership! It's truly hard to believe these joyful women (close to 140 of them now) are all HIV+. We had a lovely time together working on designs, laughing, and eating cake. It was the very first time Sophia has been able to visit our Ethiopia partnerships, so it was hard for her to hold back the tears to finally be with these ladies in person. We reminded them all how much we love them and how much our customers love wearing their beautiful jewelry. The sense of pride and gratitude was palatable. I'm so thankful that Raven + Lily has played a small role in seeing these women regain hope and dignity. So thankful for all of you who has been on this journey with us to make that possible!