Slow Fashion  // Slow Film

Slow Fashion // Slow Film

Posted by Kirsten Dickerson on 3rd Feb 2017

As we launch our Spring 2017 Collection this week, I pause and take a deep breath of relief and satisfaction. Each collection represents a year of work behind the scenes for both my Austin team and the 1500 artisan women employed through our designs.

This year of work represents the reality of why we embrace slow fashion - it takes time and effort to produce a collection that honors people and the planet at every step. To symbolize the incredible dedication and hard work of the many hands involved in the Raven+ Lily production cycle, we intentionally chose to capture our season on real film as well as our behind the scenes video with Super 8 film. Click HERE to view our entire lookbook.

The amazing photographer Briana Purser used her film camera to capture the beauty of both West Texas and our Spring collection. West Texas is the perfect location to capture the essence of slower life and beauty, and it’s the natural result of real film that gives the photos their color and texture. 

The slow fashion movement will only be successful if we embrace the importance of honoring the way people and the planet are affected in the process of creating the things we wear. The "slow" movement is critical: sustainable fair trade employment means dignity and provision of basic needs for women and their families. It means empowerment for women in communities where they have been neglected, abused, forgotten, and worse. It means hope for the next generation of girls who get to attend school because their mamas have a stable income. It means the surrounding community can be healthier because our production isn't polluting the local waterways or adding waste to our landfills.

Embracing slow can actually be the fastest way to sustainable change. 

With this journal we celebrate our beautiful Spring 2017 Collection inspired by the slowness and beauty of West Texas and the deliberate manner in which our products are designed and produced. We hope you will find something special you love. May it also be a reminder to slow down and live thoughtfully. You matter and the choices you make matter too.