Kenya Collection

How it's made-Kenya

HORN JEWELRY: In a women-run co-op in kenya our artisans are doing more than just creating beautiful products, they are also working to bring improvements into their community. Our artisans use upcycled horn and brass to create a luxe jewelry collection full of substance, while not letting any materials go to waste. These artisans create one of a kind pieces with intricate details by hand.


KNIT APPAREL: Also in the city of Nairobi, there is a workshop of joyful women who are hand knitting sweaters and other accessories for Raven + Lily. Our organic knit pieces are made with cotton that is grown without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides from non-genetically modified plants. These women have fought against the cycle of poverty and lack of education in order to become experts in their craft.  


COTTON APPAREL: Located on a wildlife game preserve, our hand-loomed cotton apparel is made in Africa’s only carbon neutral, fair trade factory. The community and the environment both benefit from this partnership. The artisans are skilled and create the products with high-tech machinery to create the best quality products. Currently, 70 women artisans are employed at the factory and more opportunities are being brought to empower women in Kenya.


BRASS JEWELRY: Our artisans in Kibera, Kenya are hired and trained to create every piece of the collection by hand. Made from recycled brass, each step of the creation is carefully crafted. From the chain to charms, our artisans create these modern designs with hard work and incredible attention to details. This is work that brings hope and provides an avenue out of poverty and into empowerment.


BEADED JEWELRY: In the remote Esiteti region of Amboseli, Kenya, lives a tribe of Maasai artisans. The women of this tribe started a jewelry making business to fund the local primary school, and have become the main income generators of their tribe. Using traditional Maasai techniques and designs, they apply these skills that have been passed down for generations to our exclusive designs. These unique, intricate pieces often come smelling like campfire, since these indigenous artisans make this jewelry sitting together at camp.


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