Meet Adissalem: Ethiopia Jewelry Artisan


 “My only option for income was to beg. I wouldn’t have had hope.”

13 years ago I found out that I was HIV positive. I heard the Entoto Mountain had holy water that could heal you, so I decided to move there 6 years ago to dip in the holy water. One day while begging I saw people from the Entoto Project walk by, so I asked them what they were doing and told them I wanted to finish my education. They told me about the jewelry training program for women on the Entoto Mountain, and they invited me to join. My goal is to help save money so my husband can start his own business and also earn income. I see so many improvements in my life now.

Update: Adissalem and her husband have moved from Entoto Mountain into the city. This was made possible from the money she has earned and saved in the jewelry making program. They have re-integrated into society, free from the fear of stigma because of their disease. Your purchase has made empowering women and their families a reality in Adissalam’s life. Thank you for your support.