Meet Alisa: USA Candle Artisan

Alisa-USA Candle Artisan  

“I love being able to develop skills and be creative.”

I first became homeless about five years ago. Staying at a shelter, I didn’t have a job and was eager to find work. When someone told me about a work program at the center, I wanted to try it. I initially came here to develop work skills because work helps me earn money and prepare for the future. I didn’t know where to start, so a staff member at the center told me about a program where I could develop job skills that I could add to my resume to help find future employment opportunities.

Now I get to express my creativity daily. I like the process of the making the candles because I have the ability to choose different scents that I mix in with the wax, as well as the containers that we pour the wax into. I love the skills that I have been able to gain by going through both the creative and work programs at the center. The programs have ignited my inner artist. I hope in the future I will be able to find my own job where I can incorporate my creativity and be able to pay my own bills.  

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