Meet Amalis: Guatemala Apparel Artisan

Amalis-Guatemala Apparel Artisan  

“In my case, and I think it is the same case for the rest of the women, it is always with the weaving that we can buy what we need for our families.”

As a 9 year old living in a small rural village of Simagil outside of Coban city, my mother taught me how to weave. Weaving was very difficult at first, but after a month or so I began to pick it up. I was eager to learn as I admired this tradition, but also had dreams of making my own clothing from the woven cloths. I love the work I’m doing now, but I get the most pleasure out of the more special, intricate weaving work.

With the work we receive through weaving we can buy the supplies we need for our families. For our children this includes school books and uniforms that contribute to the continuing of their education. My hope in the future is that I can increase weaving sales so I can reduce my financial stress and relax a little. Lastly, I want to keep the tradition of backstrap loom weaving alive within the younger generations of girls in the community. The practice of weaving is an age old tradition that is so uniquely Guatemalan and the more we sell the more we as women can benefit the community.