Meet Lucy: Kenya Apparel Artisan

Lucy-Kenya Apparel Artisan

Lucy was born and is currently living in Voi, Kenya. The factory where Lucy sews brought together her and her husband, Joseph. Lucy and her husband have now been married for 15 years, and are the parents of 3 children with aspiring dreams.

Lucy’s sewing work at the factory has afforded her the opportunity to provide an education for her children. Her hope is to help educate her kids and assist them in achieving their goals by teaching them how to rely on themselves and their abilities. Lucy is thankful for her work at the factory because her and husband now have a place to live permanently due the income they receive through consistent work. Soon they will have access to electricity in their home, which will eventually allow her to power her own sewing machine.

Along with gaining financial stability, Lucy also wants to grow and develop as a woman. Through her work at the factory she hopes to help other women gain employment opportunities, so that they too can experience the happiness she feels by working there.

Raven + Lily Kenya Partnerships from Raven + Lily on Vimeo.