Meet Nakai: Kenya Beaded Jewelry Artisan

  Nakai-Kenya Jewelry Artisan

 Nakai is a respected elder of the Esiteti/Embaringoi community bringing to her village the deep wisdom that can only come through experience. Since 2010 Nakai has been a vital part of the women’s beading group gathering women for meetings, speaking up about the needs of the group and making sure that all voices are heard. For the past several years Nakai has played a vital role in helping to prevent FGM amongst the young girls of her community by recognizing the responsibility she has as an elder in ending this practice.

Nakai is so grateful to be part of this group so that she can earn an income for her family and help support the Esiteti Primary School, she has seen the changes that have come to her village due to the dedication of her beading group and continues to work hard so that her community will thrive.