Meet Noor: Malaysia Apparel Artisan

 Noor-Malyasia Apparel Artisan  

“It is priceless to stay at home and work with my child. I can raise my own child, and I like to be my own boss.”

Not many people love sewing, but for me, it is a passion. I am now teaching other people, and I love seeing them learn from me. The money I have earned allowed me to buy a second sewing machine and start my own business. I’m also running a small handmade business on my own. I like sewing because it gives me a sense of calmness and satisfaction.

Working alongside the other Raven + Lily women artisans around the world is very cool. We are united in the same passion. Many people know they can do it, but they don’t have the proper means to express or channel their passion and gift. Skills are a gift. If you have a skill and don’t use it, it’s a waste. This program is the best thing you could do to help these women express their gifts. You have to have faith in yourself to do what you love. When you buy from Raven + Lily, you are buying a piece from an artisan, not a mass produced factory. Every stitch counts. I think Raven + Lily provides paths for women.

Raven + Lily Malaysian Partnership from Raven + Lily on Vimeo.