Meet Raiksmey: Cambodia Apparel Artisan

Raiksmey-Cambodia Apparel Artisan  

“I know many things now and am developing new skills, which makes me very happy.”

Several years ago, I was having trouble with my husband and had to leave him. I was pregnant and had support from a local hospital. They saw that I was sewing at home, but making too little money and someone offered to help me find a job.  After I had my baby I was given an opportunity to start at the sewing workshop.

I have now worked at the workshop for close to four years. I am being paid much better than anywhere else I worked before, and I have had a much better life since I started here. When I first started, the shop was small and I sewed and taught the other workers how to learn. Then I was taught how to make patterns, and it has been improving a lot. I am always learning more as we get more orders at the workshop.

I am very happy to be working here. Now I have money and am improving my work. I know many things now and am developing new skills, which makes me very happy. My oldest child is in school and this would not be possible if I did not have a job here.

I would like to tell the customer to buy more of our products. The products we sell are helping all the women here, and I am happy to see that the product is selling. When I hear about people using my products and liking them, it makes me very happy. I am happy they like it, and I am happy that it is helping other women here.

Raven + Lily Cambodia Partnership from Raven + Lily on Vimeo.