Meet Uzma: India Paper Artisan

Uzma-India Paper Artisan  

 “The community used to see me and know that I was weak- I couldn't eat properly, and my clothes were old. Now, people know that we are doing well, and we thank those who buy our products and God for this.”

Here, women can’t do anything so women don’t go out. We have to wear a burka, we have to keep quiet, we have to keep our distance from men. But at the design studio, we can come and go in freedom, and the men there are like brothers.

Lots of women ask and say they want to work like I do. Now, because someone has helped me, I want to help other women in need. Before starting this work, my life was difficult. My mother- and father-in-law died, and my husband had no profession. There was tension and fighting in our house. I prayed, “How can these problems be taken from us?” A relative came and said there was a group in town hiring. My husband began working for them; then I was able to join and start working with the women there. The women are all happy and we all feel we can do the work.

Raven + Lily India Partnership from Raven + Lily on Vimeo.