Moroccan + Midcentury Photoshoot Decor

23rd Jan 2014

Kirsten has a love for mid-century designs and all things Morocco, so that was her inspiration for the overall aesthetic of our recent photoshoot.


The photoshoot took place at Green Acres, the land just east of Austin lovingly named and owned by Kirsten’s family. With dreams to turn the property into a retreat center for artists and sojourners in the near future. In the mean time, the green hills, fall-colored woods, and vintage corral + barn (which is rumored to have been formerly owned by LBJ) were the perfect setting for our Fall 2014 Collection.



Everyone was “ooing” and “ahhing” over the Moroccan decor provided by Red Thread Souk, owned by Kirsten’s good friend Maryam Montague. Based in Marrakesh, Maryam is a talented designer and an avid supporter of R+L.  She graciously helped Kirsten pick out some special vintage and artisan crafted items for the photo shoot, such as vintage Berber wedding blankets + pillows and artisan crafted leather pouf cushions.  



The Moroccan decor was the perfect compliment to the rustic mid-century setting.  The vintage barn gave a minimal look with ethnic flair added by hand-crafted lanterns and hand-knit hammocks.


And Kirsten’s recently renovated 1950’s Spartan “mansion” looked amazing with the mix of mid-century and Moroccan decor.





The photoshoot was an inspiring setting that captured Kirsten’s personal style and love of nature as a beautiful backdrop for our new Raven + Lily Fall 2014 Collection.  You will have to wait a bit to see how it all came together, but stay tuned for more behind the scenes in our next blog!