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“I was living in death. I am changed because of this program and now I am called to help other human beings.”

My family and I used to live in the city. We heard on TV about HIV. My husband was working for the military and was becoming sick a lot so he decided to go and get tested. He found out he was positive, then I found out I had it as well. Our kids were scared to go to school because of the stigma so we decided to sell everything and move to Entoto where there is no discrimination. Everyone has HIV/AIDS there so we are all the same. I used to beg on the mountain and I stayed there for the holy water. My life was very bad. Begging is like being dead. My husband was still working for the military and he started to help with the Entoto Project when they first came to the mountain. He introduced me to them. I am so thankful for the opportunity. Once I was frustrated because the jewelry making was very complicated. But, now I am happy when I come to work. My heart and eyes are open. My life has been changed because of this program. Now you can go into my home and there is food there. Thinking about this makes me want to cry. I know God helped you to help me and now I am changed.

2011 Update: Amleset and her husband were able to move off Entoto Mountain and into the city in early 2011. They are both doing well and are thankful to be back in the city and not feel ashamed or discriminated against because of their disease. Your purchase from our Entoto jewelry collection has brought them a better life that would have otherwise been impossible. Thank you for your support.

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